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Hot Foiling & Debossing Service

With our foiling and debossing (blind embossing) service, each product is individually hand foiled to ensure a flawless finish every time. Add a luxurious finish to your products.



The process of hot foiling (sometimes known as foil blocking) starts with the production of a brass die to the specification of your artwork. This die (or stamp) is screwed in to our machine and heated up. A sheet of foil is then laid onto your product and the die is pressed onto the foil - your design is then left on your product in the foil of your choice! It’s a simple recipe of 3 ingredients - heat, pressure and foil - but these factors depend on the intricacy of the design, the nature of the product and the foil used so hot foiling is a real art, one that our knowledgable production team love perfecting! 


Foiling uses a foil sheet to press a colour onto your product (using the process detailed above) whereas debossing or blind embossing follows that same process but no foil is applied. A die is used to form an impression onto the surface of the product. As no colour is applied to the product the finished effect is often more subtle than other forms of customisation, however, the depth created by the pressure of the die adds a wonderful tactile element to the branding. Foiling typically doesn’t create such depth and the foil is mainly just pressed onto the surface of the product. The appearance of the deboss will vary from product to product, dependent on the material. 


A foil print does not have to be silver or gold!  Foils are available in a wide variety of colours and a number of finishes, including matte, metallic and gloss. Foil blocking is possible on a wide range of products such as notebooks and diaries, luxury packaging, leather goods - really, the list is endless. Whether you just need initials as personalisation or a more intricate logo or crest, we can help. Our skilled production team are able to foil in multiple colours on multiple products - just let us know about your project and we’ll see what we can do! The maximum die size we can foil is 210mm x 297mm.



Our innovative approach means we’ll work with our clients and experiment with different media and techniques to get the results you want. We place great emphasis on high-quality print and customer service. Your work is checked at every stage of the print process to ensure it reaches the high standards we set ourselves – from the designers checking your files, to our production team printing your products, and finally, quality control supervisors who check every individual product. Please note, the quality of the final print will also depend on the quality of files supplied to us. However, if we anticipate an issue, our customer service team will work with you to find a solution as best as we can.

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